Reception BLCC x VOKA Limburg


What an exhilarating evening at the BLCC x VOKA Limburg reception Monday night! 🌟

We delved deep into the world of business, technology, and international partnerships. Special thanks to Cathérine Dreesen and Sebastien Conings for collaborating with BLCC during their inspiring mission to Singapore. Kudos to BLCC board member Christophe Vanhoutte for orchestrating this fantastic event.

🤝 MOU with Voka Limburg: A pivotal moment as Isabel Alvarez Fernandez , BLCC Singapore's president, and Joris Vrancken, the future president of Voka Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This alliance fortifies bilateral relations and propels trade and investment between Belgium and Singapore. A true win-win for entrepreneurs!

Vice President of BLCC 💫 Christophe Derdeyn enlightened us on the Tech Trends in Asia. Asia is a breeding ground for innovation, propelling AI, cloud computing, robotics, fintech, and more. It's the epicenter of digital transformation, teeming with opportunities. With its tech-savvy population and government backing, Asia stands as a prime destination for forward-thinking businesses.

The evening was a resounding success, filled with new connections, networking, invaluable insights, shared experiences, and knowledge exchange. A heartfelt thanks to the BLCC board members GAO BoOlivier VijvermanSjoerd De Clerck, FIT representatives Kim Demeyer Sara Deckmyn, Maximilien Dutilleux, Deputy Head of Mission & Consul, our dedicated BLCC members, and the esteemed VOKA Limburg delegates who graced the event.

We would also like to Budding Innovation for capturing this event and for your collaboration.

Let's sustain this momentum in our journey towards business growth and innovation. 💼🌐

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