The Future of Food


The future of food event was a great collaboration amongst 3 chambers, namely BLCC Singapore, DutchCham (Dutch Chamber of Commerce Singapore) and SwissCham Singapore.

We have Professor William Chen, a world renowned expert in the field of food sustainability including cultivated meat to start the keynote introduction on Enhancing Current Food System for a Sustainable Future of Foods. Thereafter, Lucie D'Haene​ shared how Paleo produces myoglobins that recreate the authentic flavour of beef, chicken and tuna for the alternative meat sector. Lastly, Mathieu VAN GIEL​ shared with the audience how Wasna produces animal free growth serum for the cultivated meat industry, with possible spin-offs into the healthcare market, cultivated blood for human blood transplants!

We had a great engaging audience who raised many thought provoking questions about the future of food. They continued to ask the speakers questions during the networking reception.

We want to thank Sjoerd De Clerck from the BLCC Singapore Tech Committee in organizing the event with the BLCC Climate Change Committee (Claudia Gehlen and Patrycja Wisniewska) and Andre Nothomb for hosting us at Syensqo.

A heartfelt appreciation to our 3 speakers, namely Professor William Chen, Lucie D'Haene and Mathieu VAN GIEL for sharing with us their areas of expertise.

In addition, we want to thank Tim Wieringa and Jeremy Lovey from SwissCham Singapore and Oesha Thakoerdin from DutchCham (Dutch Chamber of Commerce Singapore) for their collaboration with Claudia Gehlen and Patrycja Wisniewska (BLCC Climate Change Committee) and Sjoerd De Clerck and GAO Bo(BLCC Tech Committee) for this event.

Lastly, a big shoutout to our wonderful guests and members from BLCC Singapore, DutchCham (Dutch Chamber of Commerce Singapore) and SwissCham Singapore for their active participation during Q&A session.

We look forward to future collaborations with DutchCham (Dutch Chamber of Commerce Singapore) and SwissCham Singapore to organize quality events which will benefit the members and promote cross chamber networking.