Cross-chamber Meet & Pitch After Work


Our cross chamber Meet & Pitch event was an extraordinary gathering that brought together a dynamic group of SMEs, start-ups, and scale-ups as well as larger companies, resulting in an inspiring evening of networking and collaboration.

During the event, participants were able to maximize their networking opportunities through a unique format. Every 7 minutes, they had the chance to engage with different individuals, exchange ideas, and explore potential synergies. This fast-paced approach ensured that everyone involved gained as much value as possible, forging meaningful connections and uncovering exciting business prospects.

To all the participants, thank you for bringing your energy, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit to the event. Special thanks to the collaborating chambers, and organizations that made this event possible.


BLCC Singapore

British Chamber of Commerce Singapore (BritCham) Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore)

DutchCham (Dutch Chamber of Commerce Singapore)

European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (EuroCham Singapore)

Finnish Business Council Singapore

Irish Chamber of Commerce, Singapore​​

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

Singapore Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Spanish-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce (SpanishCham SG)

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

SwissCham Singapore.


Sjoerd De Clerck Claudia Gehlen Jaqueline Tysebaert GAO Bo Lisa Ferraton Anna Hedve Landgren (She/Her/Hers)