A.I. - A threat or Asset for CyberSecurity


The BLCC Asia organized an interesting and engaging webinar on Artificial Intelligence - Asset or Threat in Cybersecurity, where participants from 15 BeLux Chambers joined to learn from our distinguished speakers.

A big shout out to our speakers:
Mohamed Ourdane, Chief Security Officer at POST Luxembourg for sharing his expert knowledge of the Intriguing world of Deepfakes and Applied ML in Telecom Securities.

Bernard Collin, CEO of Safecoms Thailand and Myanmar for his great presentation on AI and Quantum Computing (Friend or Foe of Cybersecurity). 2 of the key messages were that Cybersecurity is a culture and should not be perceived as the responsibility of IT personnel and that the targets for hacking has moved to smaller high profile organizations.

Abbas Kudrati, Director / ASEAN Chief Cybersecurity, Risk and Compliance Advisor of Microsoft for his excellent moderation of the Q & A session.

Lastly, we want to thank all the participants from the various BeLux Chambers for attending the webinar.