Geert is a seasoned customer experience expert who is passionate about service.

Over the last 25 years, Geert has transformed, streamlined and enhanced business processes and technology for complex organizations around the globe, making sure it always resulted in an improved customer experience. He has worked for industry leaders SITEL, CIGNA, InternationalSOS, Aspire Lifestyles and ADIA and has led significant projects and consulting assignments for (amongst others): American Express, Microsoft, Philips, Prudential, 3M, HSBC, Dow Chemicals, Bank of China, Nokia, DBS, HP,… in different locations.

Currently Geert helps Nallian - the world’s first provider of an open ecosystem of collaborative apps underpinned by a next-generation data sharing platform for logistics hubs - to expand its footprint in Asia Pacific, community by community and partner by partner.